last week’s project

A couple months ago, I started knitting again. It'd been about twenty years since I had a project going. Then it was a vest for Lucas, that never got finished. Lately I've been knitting mostly for others, and this scarf/headband set is for my dear friend (who is, by the way, an amazing therapist) Maureen … Continue reading last week’s project

happiness on sale!

Lotus Dance Press

Happiness On Sale! The prices for 21 Steps To Happiness and the companion Coloring Book have been reduced on Amazon, just in time for holiday gift-giving!

These books offer a wonderful introduction to Buddhism, especially for young folks. They present classic Lamrim meditations – the path to Enlightenment – in modern Western terms. The cheerful illustrations give examples of how to put the lessons into practice, in our everyday lives.

Please visit Amazon to have a look inside, or purchase a copy for a loved one – yourself, maybe!

Wishing blissfully happy holidays to everyone!

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