dreamflight 15 october 2022

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So, last Saturday night as I fell asleep I made the request to meet with friends during dream time, hopefully aboard a “galactic lightship.” (I imagine that when one appears to my waking eyes I’ll feel better about choosing a label for these phenomena.) When I awoke on Sunday morning I had forgotten about it, but by early afternoon I suddenly recalled – although it’s a hazy recollection – the dream I’ll share below.

I was riding my bicycle through a neighborhood. I was anxious to get somewhere on time and kept having difficulty moving forward. When I stopped my bicycle in frustration (and because people were grumbling and shuffling to get around me) I discovered both tires were flat. I remember muttering a string of profanities under my breath but have no idea how I arrived at the next phase of the dream.

This scene unfolded in a large hotel lobby where a group was staging a huge fancy party. I knew this event happened every week. It was for rich people in fancy dress, and I tried to sneak through unnoticed.

I found the group of people I was to meet, and we entered a large circular room filled with tables, chairs, equipment, and work cubicles. After we chatted for a few minutes I noticed the space had been slowly, gently rising and rotating. We were now floating above the city and I wondered if we were in one of those rotating penthouse restaurants that were popular in the 1980s. The meeting continued so I didn’t pay much attention to the surroundings, beyond taking for granted that we hovered over low, rolling mountains and countryside like one might find in the Blue Ridge or Great Smoky mountains.

I felt mildly disoriented and wished I had more understanding of and control over where I was and what I was doing. The bicycle issue had become irrelevant.

End of dream.

I just realized that when I record dreams, I use formal language. Hmm. I must assume someone else – someone important – must be reading them. I suppose that might be you!

To recap some thoughts I’ve had about dreamflights while I’ve been on hiatus from actively participating… I make no assumptions and have few convictions about what all this means. When I look over these notes I see all sorts of references to my Buddhist beliefs, my Autistic issues, my economic frustrations, and my daily stresses. I confess I’m consistently befuddled that with all the traveling dreams I’ve had, only a few have shown me engaging with what I would identify as the popular concept of a spaceship/UAP/UFO thingy. It particularly aggravates me that I find myself in extraordinary situations surrounded by ordinary settings. Perhaps this implies that these “trips” are just “business as usual” for me, but it nips at the heels of the fancy, remarkable, outlandish boots that I wish I was wearing.

Now for my geeky app-minded friends:

I use two sleep apps: a Halo Band and Sleepwatch in combo with my Apple Watch. I notice that on Saturday night I had a long REM segment shortly after 5am when my heart rate jumped from 90 to 99. I woke from this REM stretch around 5:45am. Around 6:15-6:45, I went into a long segment of deep sleep and my heart rate dropped into the low 80s. I’ve long wondered whether these dreamflights happen during deep sleep or REM. My memory of the dream is pretty foggy, so I suspect that it happened during the 5am segment.

Feel free to share any thoughts you have about all of this.

Now I’m going to re-post this to Spirit Train Chronicles to see if anyone else had a dream journey experience.

Thanks for joining me!


4 thoughts on “dreamflight 15 october 2022

  1. I have always dreamed a lot and recorded them but after doing a very intense art/psychology course last year my dreams and dream recording slowed right down… I was also very busy with renovation projects on our property. I think I got so busy I got out of the habit. But often my dreams speak to me and guide me in my life decisions and choices.

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    1. Dreams are such a gift we give to ourselves, it seems sometimes. I’d love to learn more about the A&P class you took, and why you think it affected you that way, if you’d ever care to write about it. Thanks again! ☀️


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