good morning, summer!

Summer-inaugural breakfast I just made myself a proper breakfast for the first time in… maybe a year? Finished my last art show (until Fall) on Saturday; Have released my late Mom’s things to the point that I can reclaim my storage space for inventory; My son’s doing okay; The cat is happy. Life is good. … Continue reading good morning, summer!


saturday’s thoughts on ai-generated art

Out-arted by AI A couple of weeks ago I saw several artists spewing vitriol on an acquaintance's post because it was illustrated with an AI-generated image. As an artist, I can understand their frustration. But those artists-against-AI-art rants leave me shrugging and shaking my head. To specify, I’m writing about situations when AI-generated art is … Continue reading saturday’s thoughts on ai-generated art

New visions of Abiquor center of light.

I’m delighted to see Lisa’s image of Abiquor!
I’m also in the process of reconnecting gradually and gently with this aspect of myself and my friends. It’s comforting in these days.

Spirit Train Chronicles

Some time has passed by but Abiquor has still been in my mind, sparked by Leslee. I thought it was time to revisit these visions of Abiquor again and updated them through the help of an AI to shape what Abiquor might look like now. There is so much spiritual growth going on, not only personal but on world and cosmic level. Seeing these visions through the AI interpretation made me feel closer to Abiquor. One of the special spaceports within Abiquor is under construction, as it is a bit complicated. Please tell me what you feel when you see these images,see all of them here Abiquor center of Light.

Wish you all the love, Lisa

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