As a child in Alabama, Leslee Hare would lie in the grass and wonder how an entire universe could fit into those radiant blades hit by the sun.

And what happened to all the life that once flowed in the parts now hinting at brown edges?

In her early years, vivid dreams showed Leslee worlds and people unlike any on Earth — even in books and movies.

What sparked those ideas? Were they real?

Curiosity drove Leslee to ask an annoying number of questions about why this world seems the way it does. And why different people see it differently.

Fired by a passion for writing and creating images, Leslee’s dreamed of publishing illustrated books since childhood. Her publishing company, Lotus Dance Press, now publicly offers her vision, starting with her first title, 21 Steps To Happiness.

Leslee’s creativity draws from her dream experiences, Buddhism, children, architecture, writing, art, and illustration. Diagnosed Autistic in 2018, with a son who’s also on the Spectrum, Leslee shares her unique insights and view of the world.

21 Steps To Happiness shows all ages of readers how we can apply Dharma — the lessons of Buddhism — to typical Western lifestyles.

You can see more of her work on the web at http://www.lesleehare.net.

These days, Leslee lives in Montevallo, Alabama, with her adopted feral cats Sylvie and Scooter. And as many flowers, as will fit.

Leslee’s creative portfolio includes expressions of her passion for:

  • writing – fiction, non-fiction, poetry, blogging
  • illustration and graphic design
  • painting and drawing
  • architecture and interior design
  • wire-wrapped jewelry
  • fiber arts – weaving, knitting, felting

You can find her elsewhere online via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and her Amazon Author Page.