special sauce

It's my birthday today… And I feel 57: full of flavor,  spunk and honey, despite being almost damn old. I wonder if a slather of heinz would help the ache in these joints… ;D Check out a nice surprise birthday present we're enjoying on Spirit Train Chronicles! Wishing everyone an awesome 2019! (thank you Walmart.com … Continue reading special sauce

sophia’s flyin’!

Here's the cover I put together for the NaNoWriMo novel I'm working on! I posted this synopsis on my NaNoWriMo page: A young non-neuro-typical DNA research scientist pits her intuition and free-time obsessions against a strict research lab culture to prove that not all humans are really all-human… With a little help from her off-world … Continue reading sophia’s flyin’!

56 & spectrum

Do I look Autistic? I know, maybe that's in poor taste. Do I look Southern? Or chronically ill? When we pass someone on the street, or reconnect with an old friend, how can we know what they're going through, if they don't tell us? Most of us know we need to tell people when there's … Continue reading 56 & spectrum