joyful color

A simple coloring book that teaches about Enlightenment in a fun way that fits into Western culture? Sure thing! The Steps to Happiness COLORING BOOK brings you just that, and it’s now available on Amazon.

In 2003 I needed teaching materials for a kids’ Dharma class I was teaching in Atlanta on Sunday mornings. I was also teaching Lamrim (the Tibetan Buddhism cycle of lessons for enlightenment) for adults. Frustrated by the lack of material available, I had a light-bulb moment: kids love to color, and I can draw.

I used my 6-year-old son as a guinea pig. He sat on my lap at the computer and gave feedback while I sketched and searched for words that made sense to him.

Before we knew it, we had a complete Lamrim cycle in simple terms.  With pictures.

Those drawings and words developed into a set of flash cards,and then coloring pages, that kept many hands busy, interested and content, one hour at a time.

21 Steps to Happiness COLORING BOOK brings you an updated version of those pages. The large format is great for showing to a group of children when teaching a class or leading a meditation. And the simple drawings allow room for everyone to use their imagination to embellish their own story onto the paper. Each page’s blank back gives you a fresh sheet for each drawing, with less chance of bleed-through, even if you’re using markers.

Because, whether you’re a 3-year-old who just dropped their ice cream, or an octogenarian mourning the passing of someone dear – we all need comfort and help finding a way to make the best of our lives.

What fun!

Written and illustrated by Leslee Hare, the 21 Steps to Happiness COLORING BOOK offers a playful introduction to Buddhism.


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